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BY JONATHAN OLSEN-KOZIOL APRIL 25, 2018 While most of us were smoking ourselves stupid and making terrible dietary choices over the 420 holiday, Jerome Baker Designs (JBD,) Weekend Unlimited, and a team of skilled glassblowers were hard at work building Bongzilla, the worlds largest bong. Bongzilla was created in The Martin Blank Studio is in Seattle under the shadow of the Space Needle. Jerome Baker Designs and a cavalcade of media outlets took over the studio for 4/20 weekend, the back of the studio was opened up and we took over the back alley for a 420 celebration full of hot metal, glass, artistic vision and fantastic cannabis flower and concentrates. Jerome Baker is one of the most famous names in glass culture. Jason...

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24-foot #Bongzilla – the world’s largest bong – takes shape in Seattle

BY Q13 NEWS STAFF April 20, 2018 SEATTLE -- Dozens of artists from around the West Coast gathered Friday in a rented studio. They huddled around scorching hot ovens of glass. Joints were passed; Pink Floyd rattled the speakers. There was one collective goal: To build the world's biggest bong. And they say Seattle has lost its roots. Artists work on the world's largest bong. "Essentially this is the Freedom Bong," head glass blower Charles Lowrie told Q13 News. "This is the time of life we arriving to collective consciousness." Friday was the first of a three-day event led by Jerome Baker Designs. It's the culmination of a collaborative effort to build a 24-foot bong, nicknamed #Bongzilla. The glass bong will weigh...

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BY ELANA GLOWATZ ON 4/16/18 AT 5:51 PM To take a hit off the biggest bong in the world, someone will have to stand at the top of a staircase as a partner below lights the weed with a blowtorch and sends smoke curling through the massive pipe. That’s the scene glassblower Jason Harris describes as he gears up to create the piece, which will be 24 feet tall and weigh at least 800 pounds. According to the artist, the bong’s bowl will be so huge that it may hold at least a quarter-pound of marijuana. Harris, from Jerome Baker Designs, is collaborating with other glass artists on the enormous project. They will blow roughly 25 pieces of glass in Seattle during the 4/20 weekend, which they...

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Renowned glassblowing artists will try to make 24-foot-high bong in Seattle

Seattle Times By Christine Clarridge -  APRIL 12, 2018 Link to article Dude, check it out. Jason Harris and a group of other renowned glassblowing artists will be meeting in Seattle over the “4/20” weekend to create the world’s largest bong. The final piece, which will be created in parts and then assembled at the Cannabition museum in the downtown Las Vegas Arts District, will tower 24-feet high and weigh 800 pounds when completed. The bong will feature hookah-like attachments and actually be smoke-able, according to Chris Davison, co-owner of Jerome Baker Designs. “I think everybody on the top floor (of the cannabis museum) could end up high,” Davis said, jokingly. “It’s going to be so much fun doing this in Seattle where (marijuana) is legal...

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