JBD and Leafly Make Massive Bongs



The Jerome Baker Designs team, close friends and I have had the immense honor of working with Leafly at Martin Blank Studios on bongs like the world has never seen - at least on the scale and in the shape we are making them - as part of the Leafly Sessions.

Massive Bong 1

 We are actually going to be a series on big bongs with Leafly.  We’re calling it the “Massive Bong Series.” And no, we’re not kidding. 

 I had been putting some work into this idea in Hawaii for awhile, and I got a call from Leafly. They wanted to bring us out to Seattle to blow the big bong somewhere. They wanted to film it for their new TV app, Leafly.TV. 

 Leafly brought the awesome film crew Rage Productions out of Bend, Oregon, who often do action sports. Despite this, they thought blowing these massive bongs was an intense filming experience. They were psyched and so were we to be making history. 

Massive Bong 2

 And so, we brought together an All-Star team which included the renowned American sculptor Dale Chihuly’s team-members, Brian Rubino and Darrell Smith. As well, 

 Charles Lowrie, whose original fine art glass designs can be seen at www.transcensions.com







Massive Bong 3

 Before we start crafting the pieces, we first meet like a band coming together for rehearsal. We review every move on a blackboard, including the colors and where we want them to go on the kiln. Every little detail is mapped out before we blow glass. Our studios are like our ballcourt. On these large pieces, we work on average five days - one day prep, four days in the studio. 

 The creation of these pieces is all about bringing people together, and being able to create that piece, that magical moment. There is just one rule: keep it massive. 

Massive Bong 4

 Blowing such massive forms is not easy, and it takes a lot of energy. In general, making glass is about finding the path of least resistance - especially at this size and scale. There is a science to blowing glass. With these massive bongs, we had to problem solve the whole week, and go outside the normal way of doing things.

 During these sessions, we used custom built jigs, unique materials and molds, as well as forklifts and scissor lifts so as not to break the pieces. 

Massive Bong 5

 So blessed and thankful for everything that converged at the epic Martin Blank Studios. I couldn’t be more thankful to be involved with the crew at Leafly and for their hosting in Seattle. We can’t wait to see the new film! We are looking forward to doing a Massive Bong Exhibit in the New Year. 

 I am making these giant pieces to make a political statement.

 A piece of glass shaped like this this other piece of glass is not illegal blurred lines of legality and ilelgality i just believe by making the big pieces i made an artistic statement making the medium in glass. 

The og design on JB bong, shaft with a worktop, art on back of it mostly in the form of marbles, has an ice pinch that doubles as a grip, makes it look sexy, shape of ball , all of those elements create the jb look started in 1991. 

Massive Bong 6